Drones Are Changing Fast

mavic air

I Didn’t Have An Interest…… Till Yesterday It all changed recently.  It’s just fun.  Maneuvering and learning to judge the distances so you do not run into something is time well spent.  Flying the drone. Also, making pictures and videos.  But the main thing that happens is the talk about how it could be better.  If …

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Depth of Field – Better, Shorter, and Easier Version

Male model as business man on the phone, urban, red, brick

By design, this post of photo knowledge will stay short.  The Depth of Field (DOF) can get complex but for now, we have some simple tools that help to previsualize the image you’re creating.  There are numerous things that affect the depth of field (DOF) and there is a mechanism and numbers on the lens …

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Interior Architectural Photography

Beautiful Home as subject of interior Architectural Photography Project.

The tip or lesson coming up is a big one that will remove some of the stress for newcomers and seasoned pros to interior architectural photography.  It simplifies and streamlines the shooting experience and allows for more attention to creativity and finding the best angles and watching for tangencies in the composed photographs. Let’s shoot My …

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Converging Lines – The Second Most Important Rule of Composition

#ConvergingLines #CadillacRanch #Photography #TravelPhotography #Texas #Amarillo #Art #Cars

Converging lines are helpful to seek attractive compositions. Helped by my new friends the Sparks family, and my subject here Garrett Sparks while visiting this amazing permanent exhibit. Garrett is lit by the after sunset bright sky and the glow of light softened by the cloud coverage. Went to shoot at the Cadillac Ranch and …

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Black and White Conversions With Ease in Lightroom

car, grill, chevrolet, deluxe, learn-photography, black-and-white

Ah yes, give me the simple life.  Well, I’ll at least try for basic and simple and part of that, I believe, is black and white photography.  I have shot black and white film of sports and high school and landscape and weddings.  My first attempt at venturing off the beaten path of black and white …

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