Basic photo instruction. From “just out of the box” and before buying to beginner.

Golden Aspens

  We hadn’t been in the area at the base of the Tetons more than a few hours and I saw a grove of those beautiful golden aspens.  Off I go.  I’m not sure if it’s the glow of the yellow/gold leaves or the contrast of that white/silver trunk but it is an awesome subject.  Influences …

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Exposure Value

Exposure Value (EV) is a number that represents a combination of shutter speed and aperture that equals a certain exposure at a given ISO.  For a given scene and level of luminance lets assume that for a given ISO that 1/125th second and f8 would give a correct exposure.  But in our situation we’d like …

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Blue Door at Moscow

We, my friend Rick and I, went to shoot a wilderness area north of Rossville Tennessee, in west Tennessee. The visuals were’nt all that dramatic.  It wasn’t the day for tree and lily pad photographs but we tried.  We hiked and looked and shot some pictures. Nothing was there to grab you and say “this …

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