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Mormon Settlement and Tetons

Let’s go scouting. I had watched Dave Black use the “Painting With Light” technique and really wanted to try it at this Mormon Settlement. With my son, my wife and sister in tow I found this beautiful property. Mormons had settled here mostly between 1890 and the 1930’s and some of the mormon row properties are …

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Shadows to Enjoy and Balance. Sit a While

#streetphotography Enjoy the Shadows. Sit a While #071

I’m in love with the light and shadows. So, is it the subject we shoot or is it the way the light and shadows interact with our subject. I have photographed benches before; numerous examples as my personal work and a few in commercial catalog situations. Maybe it’s the way the image has personality by …

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Umbrella Lighting on One Side

You gotta try it.  Both umbrellas on the same side.  As a lighting accessory the umbrella is small and easy to pack and when open it’s a large soft source.  When on the property of a client it is a concern to not damage property and softboxes can be dangerous if you have to move …

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