Terms Defined

The glossary of terms including the assumed verbiage used even as a beginner along with the more distant terms more common in film days. Some terms from the history and specialized areas of photography are also explored.

Exposure Value

Exposure Value (EV) is a number that represents a combination of shutter speed and aperture that equals a certain exposure at a given ISO.  For a given scene and level of luminance lets assume that for a given ISO that 1/125th second and f8 would give a correct exposure.  But in our situation we’d like…


Bokeh is pronounced BOH-kay. It describes the beauty of the out of focus areas of a photograph. It describes the beauty or the lack of beauty of the softness and the efforts made to make that softness. It further describes how the points of light will represent when not in focus. Bokeh is not depth of …

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Photo Terms Defined

TEKeez is announcing a new class of information today.  For the folks interested in learning about this crazy expression of oneself known as photography we must know the photo terms.  Part of learning photography is knowing the language and terminology. So, I give you “Terms Defined”.  From HDR and ISO to Color Checker and View Camera …

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