Shadows to Enjoy and Balance. Sit a While

#streetphotography Enjoy the Shadows. Sit a While #071

I’m in love with the light and shadows. So, is it the subject we shoot or is it the way the light and shadows interact with our subject. I have photographed benches before; numerous examples as my personal work and a few in commercial catalog situations. Maybe it’s the way the image has personality by …

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D800 by Nikon, The System Camera

    Ah like the good ole days. Thru the time of photography being done with 120 cameras there were some differences. Camera’s were very modular and changeable. They could be adapted to whatever one needed for a particular job or shoot. Viewfinders could be changed to waist level or eye-level or 45 degree finders. …

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Matting Decisions Made Easy

  You can work with your framer and let them make decisions for you or you can use the tool above to get an idea how it will look and then speak with some intelligence to the framer about how you’d like it to look.  Of course, you can always ask for 3 inches around …

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Flowers in the Dark

Shooting for some of my composite work and facing into a late afternoon sun, I turned to find this scene.  The cloud coverage must have been the source of the blue look that helped to separate the yellow flowers.  Yellow and blue are opposites so I knew that I could lighten the flowers on my …

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One Way of Learning Photography

It all started back in early high school. Just loved the gadgetry of photography and cameras. Learning Photography wasn’t the goal.  My first love was the gear and gadgetry.  Trips to the Treasury Drugs in Memphis were a weekly thing in my youth. Mom would do the shopping thing (Treasury was an early big box …

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