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I, Gary Culley, started in photography with film and a darkroom.  After beginning in the lab business I moved to commercial photography with my first studio, Gary Culley Studios.  After working primarily in advertising photography, I joined forces with a pre-press house to introduce my clients to digital photography in 1993.  Becoming a problem solver for those clients with products to sell primarily in catalogs.  Creating solutions to capture and reproduce products in their best light.  Early digital was one solution but the film in formats from 4×5 to 120 to 35mm was commonly used and many times the content of the catalog would be captured by the digital camera back but the covers would be 4×5 transparency film works.


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Work with the Memphis Professional Photographers Guild took me to its Presidency where I was able to help others in getting their businesses off the ground.  The studio grew to become the in-house production facility for The Design Group with 7000 square feet of shooting space, creating more catalogs and printed material for clients nationwide.  Always quick to answer questions from visitors to the studio or friends about the technical aspects of photography, it was a natural to move to teach this amazing art-form.  With a good number of classes at local camera clubs teaching photography and special processes, I’m loving the “giving it all away” aspect of these present photography endeavors.  Find more of my work at and












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