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Organizing Lightroom By Date illustration
Basic | General Info | Lightroom

Organizing Photos In Lightroom By The Date–I do, Should You?

Lightroom is one of a category of software for me that is limitless. Not in its editing capabilities but in organizing. It is very full, super full, featured. When I start putting together information for today’s article I realize how much there is that I do not use. It’s not that I need to use…

Portfolio Image for featuring in Article
Business | General Info

Before Clients – How to Build Your Photography Portfolio –

Photography, at some point, moves from hobby and passion to business, for many.  As I write this I cringe a bit when referencing something that is so much fun becoming WORK, or business.  Yikes! But it’s just a light that goes off that says “hey, this could be my job”.  It did for me.  I…

Image to Illustrate disadvantages of Raw Film format in Photography
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Disadvantages of Raw File Format in Photography

Raw files are created but not processed by the camera and are kept in their original format.  I, for one, am thankful it happens that way.  In this form, they look so so bad.  But it can get better.  This has both advantages and disadvantages.  Today we’ll concentrate on the disadvantages.  It’s an exercise that…