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Learn Photography in Small Bites is making the technology and technique of photography available to lovers of great imagery. The concept of learning photography is to keep the information in small bites, giving the ability to go over the lesson and allow it to soak in or practice it in your world. I’m hoping that your photography and creativity advances from this continuing experience.

Plan to learn about the photography you create by seeing into the details of making good photos. Whether your interest lies in improving your imagery or moving to become a business of photography there will be things here for you. 

Visit often and leave a note in comments about things you’d like to know. Let me know what you think. If you prefer just add “Do Not Publish” so your note is private. Thanks and enjoy


Don't Shoot Manual

Doing Photography is such a blast. Adding art to your life can change your world and only one thing is required. Learn the basics of the camera and that’s the technical side. Then it’s time to create. Why should we consider shooting with the Manual settings. We need to learn the camera and then use the onboard features. The camera works with your direction.

Don't Shoot Manual

Master the Basics

Transition from Auto Everything

Learn How All the Adjustments



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Lost Lessons of HDR

As I moved from the early days of HDR and manually making changes between shots to a very refined and “easy” 3 or 5 shot technique.  I realized that some key techniques are many times left out of the tutorials and lessons to learn HDR photography.  This is what I found missing more than once from my source tutorials. Enjoy         

Lost Lessons of HDR


TEKeez is my photo-educational website. I am Gary Culley and I have made photos professionally for over 30 years.  It has always been a pleasure helping folks with their photo questions and now I have decided to help even more.  If you’d like to have a question addressed in an upcoming post, please find me on Twitter at @OfficialTEKeez


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