Best Camera for Professional Photography is massive.  At last count, this table is 30+ columns wide.  These are the full-frame options.  “Best Camera for Professional Photography” has the best facts to decide on the best full-frame to add to your tools for great photography or to start your new career.  Facts are gathered from multiple sources.  I found that I was going from site to site gathering facts for my recent purchase.  It would be great to have all the info together, with connection to the latest price.  Scroll to see what you may not at first glance. 

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CameraIntro - LaunchedWt. Approx oz(gm)#AF SpotsCards# of Card SlotsMega-pixelFPS MaxViewfinderVideo Res MaxHighest Frame Rate @1080Highest Frame Rate @4KAverage PriceScreen Size inchTouchscreenLCD MovementCheck PriceIn Body Image StablizationISO Range StandardFlash SyncShutter SpeedsIntervalometer for StillsMulti Sizes of RawCompressed & Uncompressed RawAverage Price EstimateISO Range ExtendedStill File formatsFootage File FormatsPop Up FlashEVF Pixel Count (millions)Rear LCD Pixel Count (millions)ConnectionsAV Connections
2020/0725.92(738)1053SD/SDHC/SDXC/CFexpress24520EVF8K601203900YesArticulating3900Yes100-51,2001/2501/8000-30secsYesYesYes3900100-102,400Jpeg, RAWALL-I, IPB, MP4No5.762.1USB Type-C (USB 3.1),HDMI D (Micro), 3.5mm Headphone, 3.5mm Microphone
2020/0724 (680)1053SD/SDHC/SDXC220.120EVF4K120602500YesArticulating2500Yes100-102,4001/2501/8000-30secsYesYesYes2500100-204,800Jpeg, RAW, HEIFALL-I, IPB, MP4No3.691.62USB Type-C (USB 3.1),HDMI D (Micro), 3.5mm Headphone, 3.5mm Microphone
Nikon D7802020/0129.7(840)273SD/SDHC/SDXC224.512Optical4K12030$2,299YesTiltCheck PriceNo100-51,2001/200900 secs-1/8000YesYesYes$2,29950-204,800Jpeg, RAWMOVNoNA2.36USB Type-C (USB 3.1)Phones, HDMI-C mini,
Nikon Z52020/0720.9(590)273SD/SDHC/SDXC224.34.5EVF4K6030$1,299YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-51,2001/20030s secs-1/8000YesYesYes$1,29950-102,400Jpeg, RAWMOV/MP4No3.691.04USB Type-C (USB 3.1)Phones, Mic, HDMI-C mini
Nikon Z7 II2020/1121.7(615)493SD/SDHC/SDXC/CFexpress/XQD245.710EVF4K12060$2,999YesTiltCheck PriceYes64-25,6001/200900 secs-1/8000YesYesYes$2,99932-102,400Jpeg, RAWMOV/MP4No3.692.1Nikon DC2, USB Type-C (USB 3.0)Phones, Mic, HDMI-C mini
Nikon Z6 II2020/1121.7(615)273SD/SDHC/SDXC/CFexpress/XQD224.514EVF4K12030$1,999YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-51,2001/200900 secs-1/8000YesYesYes$1,99650-204,800Jpeg, RAWMP4No3.692.1Nikon DC2, USB Type-C (USB 3.0)Phones, Mic, HDMI-C mini,
Canon 5D Mark IV2016/0928.2 (800)61CF / SD230.47Optical4K6030$2,500YesNOCheck PriceNo100-320001/20030s secs-1/8000YesYesNo$2,50050-102,400Jpeg, RawMJPEG, MOV, MP4NoNone1.62USB 3Stereo Mini-Jack, Mic, HDMI-C,
Canon 5Dsr2015/0629.8 (845)61CF / SD250.65OpticalHD30NA$3,700NoNOCheck PriceNo100-64001/20030s secs-1/8000YesNoNo$3,90050-12,800Jpeg, RawMPEG4, MOVNoNone1.04USB-3Mic, HDMI-C
Canon 6D Mark II2017/0624.0 (685)45SD/SDHC/SDXC126.26.5OpticalHD60na$1,200YesVari-AngleCheck PriceVideo Only100-40,0001/18030 secs-1/4000YesYesNo$1,20050-102,400Jpeg, RawMP4, MOV, Motion JPEG, All-INoNone1.04Hotshoe, Mini USB Type 2Mic, Canon N3, HDMI-C Mini
Canon EOS R2018/1020.5 (580)5655SD130.38EVF4K3060$1,800YesVari-AngleCheck PriceNo100-400001/20030s secs-1/8000NoYesYes$1,80050-102,400Jpeg, RawMP4, MPEG4No3.692.1ES-3,USB-C 3.1,Phones, Mic, HDMI-C
Canon EOS RP2019/0216.0 (440)4779SD/SDHC/SDXC126.25EVF4K6025$1,000YesVari-AngleCheck PriceVideo Only100-40,0001/18030 secs-1/4000YesYesNo$1,00050-102,400Jpeg, RawMP4No2.361.04Hotshoe, USB 2.0, USB Type-CPhones, Mic, Canon E3, HDMI C (Mini)
Nikon D7502014/0926.5 (750)51SD224.16.5OpticalHD60NA$1,200NoTiltCheck PriceNo100-12,8001/20030s secs-1/8000YesNoYes$1,20050-51,200Jpeg, Tiff, RawMOVYesNone1.23USB 2Phones, Mic, HDMI C
Nikon D8502017/0832.3 (916)153XQD / SD245.77Optical4K6030$2,800YesTiltCheck PriceNo64-25,6001/25030s secs-1/8000YesYesYes$2,80032-102,400Jpeg, Tiff, RawMP4, MOVNoNone2.3610-Pin, X-Sync, USB 3Phones, Mic, HDMI-C
Nikon Z62018/1120.7 (585)273XQD124.512EVF4K12030$1,700YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-51,2001/20030s secs-1/8000YesYesYes$1,70050-204,800Jpeg, Tiff, RawMP4, MOVNo3.692.110-Pin, USB-C,Stereo Mini-Jack, HDMI-C
Nikon Z72018/0920.7 (585)493XQD145.79EVF4K12030$2,700YesTiltCheck PriceYes64-25,6001/20030s secs-1/8000YesYesYes$2,70032-102,400Jpeg, Tiff, RawMP4, MOVNo3.692.110-Pin, USB-C,Stereo Mini-Jack, HDMI-C
Sony A7 III2018/0222.8 (650)693SD224.210EVF4K12030$1,800YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-512001/25030s secs-1/8000NoNoNo$1,80050-204,800Jpeg, RawXAVC S, AVCHDNo2.360.92USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB-CPhones, Mic, HDMI-D
Sony A7r III2017/1023.2 (657)399SD242.410EVF4K12030$2,500YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-320001/25030s secs-1/8000NoYesNo$2,50050-102,400Jpeg, RawXAVC S, AVCHDNo3.691.44USB 3.1, USB-CPhones, Mic,HDMI-D
Sony A7r IV2019/0923.0 (665)567SD/SDHC/SDXC/Micro SD26110EVF4K12030$3,500YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-3200025030s secs-1/8000NoNoYes$3,50050-102,400Jpeg, RawXAVC S, AVCHDNo5.761.44USB-C, Hot Shoe, PC Terminal3.5mm Headphone, 3.5mm Microphone, HDMI D (Micro)
Sony A92017/0520.7 (558)693Memory Stick Pro Duo, Pro-HG Duo, SD, SDHC, SDXC124.220EVF4K12030$3,500YesTiltCheck PriceYes100-51,2001/25030 secs-1/32,000NoNoYes$3,50050-204,800Jpeg, RawXAVC S, AVC HDNo3.681.44Hotshoe, PCPhones, Mic, HDMI-D (Micro)

Yes, if you use the links, the vendor may compensate TEKeez just a little.  It helps to keep the facts updated and new info coming your way.  It never makes a difference in what you pay. Thanks

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“I just wanted to see all the camera specs in one place”
Best Camera for Professional Photography


Click the arrows in a column heading and instantly the column will rearrange the entries based on your column of choice.   Click it again and the order will reverse.  The table changes to your wishes.  It’s dynamic.  Try the number of AF spots….click that column……and you’ll see the camera model with over 5000 spots for focusing.

The Cameras Are All the Same

Not quite.  Same in 6 areas anyway.  They’re all full-frame.  And they have a Hot Shoe for adding light or video accessories.  They have shutter speeds that include B for Bulb.  GPS is working its way into being standard on these cameras but some manufacturers are only making it available by borrowing location info from your cell phone.  Some type of custom menu is the last of common features.   Use this, as the growing number of menu items on today’s cameras grows; but, the most needed adjustments are now gathered for your use, quickly.  For me, I’m able to access the details of my Auto ISO and other quick adjustments and make changes on short notice by way of a custom menu, My Menu on my Nikon.  It’s a must-have for me.  Take your time with all the information and enjoy the Best Camera for Professional Photography.

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The Attitude of TEKeez

There is an underlying thread woven through the fabric of TEKeez from its birth.  I’m not big at telling folks what they should buy.  From cameras to lenses and lighting gear there are many good companies producing greatness.  I will freely tell you what I use and the why that follows may be helpful.  I have used some of the brands for well over 30 years and I feel strongly about the choices I made and stuck with.  One thing I can suggest is to consider the long term when you make a choice.  Stick with a company and they will become an extension of your creativity.

This grid of information is lengthy and designed to give you all the measurements and facts to compare and make your decision.

Best Camera for Professional Photography

The Process

If you’re looking for answers to your questions about the latest full-frame cameras like:

What camera should I buy; which is the best camera for photography beginners; which DSLR camera is best for me; or which is the best camera for professional photography, you’ve come to a great source.  I’m frustrated when I look for the latest info because I must visit numerous sites to gather info.  I did the gathering for you (say thank you) and created a substantial spreadsheet with many headings.  Hopefully, covering many tastes and specialties.  I tried to cover the topics a fast action sports shooter would be looking for and the high resolution big print person would find important.  Specific things to portrait shooters were added.  Nightscape and astro photography enthusiast would be interested in the intervalometer.  Travel folks would be interested in GPS so I added that and I found that some of the manufacturers are moving toward interfacing with phone apps to achieve the coordinates.  That info is not complete. I’m gathering the facts so I’ll update as that info gets to a point of dependability I’m comfortable with.

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Your Input is Welcome

Spend some time with the info—all 36 headings and add to it.  HOW?  If there is something you wish had it’s own heading, drop me a note or add a comment and I’ll do the legwork and it will be considered for a revision.  Thanks

Best Camera for Professional Photography
Best Camera for Professional Photography

The information contained has been gathered and checked and checked again.  Many numbers have been rounded and some information is only approximate.  Did I explain that we check and recheck.  If a mistake got through please except my apologies.

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