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Flowers in the Dark

Shooting for some of my composite work and facing into a late afternoon sun, I turned to find this scene.  The cloud coverage must have been the source of the blue look that helped to separate the yellow flowers.  Yellow and blue are opposites so I knew that I could lighten the flowers on my black and white and darken the green that was heavily cast with blue.  I saw it as a black and white as soon as I saw it.

The print is available in 8×16, 13×26 and 18×36 inches.  It has a nice wide feel to it being twice as wide as it is tall.  It’s printed with a Quadtone K7 process that uses Carbon Black ink in the place of the normal colors.  The paper is heavy at almost 300 GSM with a high degree of archival character and NO optical brighteners.  It’s the most natural process I’ve seen for printing my Fine Prints with carbon-based inks and cotton paper.


Flowers in the Dark #3


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