Blue Door at Moscow

Blue Door at Moscow #1054We, my friend Rick and I, went to shoot a wilderness area north of Rossville Tennessee, in west Tennessee. The visuals were’nt all that dramatic.  It wasn’t the day for tree and lily pad photographs but we tried.  We hiked and looked and shot some pictures. Nothing was there to grab you and say “this is it for the day”.  It was close to mid-day and the light or the design the trail made kept the visuals from being great.  It was still a nice hike but didn’t compare to the small towns we’d see in a few hours.

Then lunch, WOW, Wolf River Cafe for the best in country cooking. Rick (my good friend, Rick Williams from rimages photo)and I decided to check out Moscow just down the road.  We got there, parked and started to walk and look for targets for our shooting.  I made a corner and there it was, the Blue Door.  I am an admirer of Pete Turner and his “PUSH” photograph.  This door, wall and the grass were of major vivid color.  In addition to the color, this screams of a better time.  Nearby there is a train track that connected Memphis to Chattanooga Tennessee.  Surely, this area was booming when farms employed lots of folks and the area was booming.

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©Gary Culley

In the heyday of trains this area must have been a small booming town.  Now the paint is chipping and the signs have faded.  It makes great photos and shows a glimpse of the past.  Some technical:  I’m shooting wide open to minimize the depth-of-field, even though it’s minimal, so the grass becomes a kind of  lead-in from out of focus foreground to sharp on the door and wall.  The colors, the contrast with similar tones and the lighting made it all click so I did too.  Hope you like it. Blue Door at Moscow #1054 – Nikon D800 24-120mm lens at f4 and 1/1250th ISO 400. Happy Shooting.



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©Gary Culley, 2014

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