Door Deluxe #1111
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Door Deluxe – TEKeez On The Road

Door Deluxe #1111

Near Lagrange, Tennessee.  Door Deluxe #1111. The old car is a Deluxe from Chevrolet, probably from just after WWII.  As I walked toward the discarded relic I was a bit concerned about the nearby homes but no one seemed to mind.  Good people.  I was planning to photograph large areas of the car or the complete car and maybe include some sky and clouds but when shooting moved to editing I was drawn to the close-up details of some graphic elements.  This is trim molding on the door.  Or, is it just line and balance and highlight and shadow and an awesome texture of rust?  I’m not sure which wins out but I’m now forever looking for my next similar rusty car.  I feel like the American Pickers and the Gas Monkey guys looking at garages and sheds with open doors as I move on down the road.  Enjoy & Happy Shooting.

Nikon D800 f4 at 1/3200 second ISO 400 with Nikon 24-120mm f4

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©Gary Culley, 2014

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