Sharing with you the joy that I’ve had in creating photographs as a hobby since high school; and a career through film and digital is my goal. ¬†Learn the technical parts of photography with ease at TEKeez.

I wrote two guides and recently added the Wedding Photography Shot List.¬† I kept noticing numerous people signing up multiple times to gain access to the different items I have available. I changed that. Let’s make it easy. Tell me your best email so I can get your copies to you. You’ll receive one zip file that contains the Wedding Photography Shot List in PDF, Excel, and Numbers. In addition to that, you’ll get the two guides listed below.

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Lost Lessons of HDR

Jackson Hole, Wyoming in Teton National Park.  Its an HDR in black and white

As I moved from the early days of HDR which, for me meant manually making changes between shots in shutter speeds to a very refined and “easy” technique using the features for bracketing built into our modern cameras.  I realized that some key techniques are many times left out of the tutorials and lessons on HDR photography.  This is what I found missing more than once from the tutorials on HDR. Enjoy the speed and simplicity in shooting for HDR almost as fast as shooting for single image capture photography.  Get your copy and smooth the use of this magical technique.    

Lost Lessons of HDR

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Don’t Shoot Manual

Pennsylvania, Learn-photography, Buildings, Jim-Thorpe, Blue-Sky, Clouds

Doing Photography is such a blast. Adding art to your life can change your world and only one thing is required. Learn some basics of the camera and that’s the technical side. 

Then it’s time to create. Why should we consider shooting with the Manual settings. We need to learn the camera and then use the onboard features. Let the camera work with your direction and control.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Don’t Shoot Manual

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

Dorothea Lange


boats in Methana Greece, fishing nets, Mediterranean,