Lightroom Tutorial Part 2 – Modules and Layout, Basic

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….”I need to make a book of my travels”…  “Can I create a slideshow to show on my TV?”  Editing your photos and organizing are the base functions or the main uses of Adobe Lightroom, in Lightroom Tutorial Part 2.  Yes, yes, yes….but books and slideshows and high quality printing are also possible.  This is the Basics of Lightroom Tutorial Part 2.  A series of 4 articles is being produced and this is number 2.  Be sure to check out “Importing the Images” (number 1). If you haven’t already give Lightroom a 30 day trial and check it out as your next step in photography.  

Methana, Greece.  The fishermen ready their nets.
Lady Rancher on her Range on Morning roundup
Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 15th August 2017. Elvis Week. Candlelight Vigil. People pay tribute to Elvis Presley at his Memphis home, Graceland. The Young Elvis Impersonator. The candlelight vigil is in it's 40th year. Elvis died 16 August 1977. photo credit: ©Gary Culley, 2017
#Photographytips Jackson Hole CatTails near Kelley Wyoming. Shows tasteful depth of Field
car, grill, chevrolet, deluxe, learn-photography, black-and-white
Dalai Lama, Event Photography, Safe Shot, Flash photography

The Whys

Some of my technical posts were put together and as I looked over the information a common question surfaced.  Why would you do this or that.  That gave birth to the Whys section.  Empathy is a term I live with in photography and business.  What would others think OR what would help to make something clearer for an early visitor to Lightroom.  

And, of course, I thought that you should just take me at my word.  I KNOW what I’m talking about. Hahaha.  When I put this article together I only thought of one question.  Why give a tour of the app?  Why?  There is a need for showing the foundation of Lightroom and all it can do.  This is an overview before jumping into specific stuff.  This series will next move into the “brass tacks”, the serious tasks that can be achieved.  BUT First, let’s have a look at all the possibilities of Lightroom.  Not to deep.  Not deep at all.  Just what all one can do, creatively and organizationally, with the Lightroom app.

By the way, let me take a minute to explain the series this post is a part of.  Lightroom In 4 is the name given to my lessons to complete the foundation.  As I’m adding to my outline………. realized that I can get all that I’m planning in 4.  Not so much my number but for you, the reader and subscriber.  4 lessons including this tour and the earlier importing post will give enough to say go gettum.  You can do it. Move ahead my friend.

Before we’re done you’ll be able to view as I edit a large collection of photos with corrections to lighting color or cast and the density of the photos.  I was kinda thinking of wedding work but the techniques we’ll look at apply to any type of large quantity shoot.  We’ll also create a bit of the oomph in an image with dodging and burning.  We’ll create an HDR in Lightroom and discuss the pluses of it over PhotoMatix Pro and others.  It’s not for every HDR possibility but it’s good to have it in your bag of tricks


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