#streetphotography Enjoy the Shadows. Sit a While #071
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Shadows to Enjoy and Balance. Sit a While

I’m in love with the light and shadows. So, is it the subject we shoot or is it the way the light and shadows interact with our subject. I have photographed benches before; numerous examples as my personal work and a few in commercial catalog situations. Maybe it’s the way the image has personality by being the place where people are, but aren’t. I am attracted to the shadows created and how it’s so organic but so man-made. It says IRON or STEEL and it says institutional production.  This image seemed to just work. It’s the balance of the bench and the grid around the pole. It’s the shadow. So as you compose your next photo, consider the shadows. How sharp are they; how soft. Are they dominant or subtle?

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Nikon D800  1/640 at f8 ISO 400 Nikon 12-24mm f4 Lens
PhotoShopLightroom and Silver Efex Pro

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